K-Taping is an additional qualification that is frequently requested and an essential component in the range of treatments you offer. As with every other form of treatment, qualification and training are crucial to ensure success. K-Taping requires therapists to be specially trained.

Insufficient knowledge, incorrect application methods as well as misunderstood imitation can have a negative effect on the healing process.
Learn how to use the original K-Taping method.

Ensure therapy success as a certified K-Taping therapist.


Basic principles of the K-Taping therapy. The four basic application techniques. Combination rules relating to the four basic application techniques for specific conditions. Cross-Taping.


K-Taping applications using muscle, ligament, functional correction and fascia correction techniques as well as comprehensive combination techniques for multiple conditions like:
Tinnitus, Migraine, Impingement syndrome, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Whiplash, Asthma, Scoliosis, Low back pain, Temporomandibular joint, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Finger contusion, Wrist stabilization, Hip problems, Knee arthritis, Achillodynia, Ankle distorsion, Splayfoot and pes planus, Urinary dysfunction, Menstrual conditions, Prolapse of the uterus, Scar tape, Nerv techniques etc.
Lymphatic correction techniques
Cross Taping

Certificate: course certificate